Down to Earth Community Gardens

Diane Leisemann

Chris Kugel

Beth McGinnis

Carol Saleski

Shannon McBride

about Us

Down to Earth Community Gardens was created in 2012 by Carol Saleski, Shannon McBride and Diane Leisemann with a vision to bring gardening and it's joys to the South Eastern Wisconsin area.

Down to Earth's mission is to empower our community members to “help themselves”.  We believe the way to a better community is through connecting to the Earth by becoming healthy, happy and proud of our own accomplishments.  If everyone grew their own food no one would go hungry. Our mission is to create an environment where people of all ages can come together and experience growing, cooking and eating fresh healthy food.

Board of Directors:

Carol Saleski - President 

Shannon McBride - Vice President

Diane Leiseman - Secretary

Beth McGinnis 

Chris Kugel 

Ray Forgianni (honorary)