Down to Earth Community Garden 2018 Volunteer Calendar

@ Kenosha Moose Lodge 3003 30th Ave

Saturday April 28st 9-12am Community Garden Spring Spruce Up

Saturday April 28th 9:30-11am Kenosha School Junior Gardeners 2-3rd graders, planting, bean planting

Saturday May 12th 9:30-11am
Kenosha School Junior Gardeners 2-3rd graders Planting tomatoes, garden chores

Saturday May  19th 9-12am Monthly Volunteer Day -Sharing Garden planting, Flower bed cleanup, Flower & Fruit planting

Saturday June 16th  19th 9-12am Monthly Volunteer Day

Saturday July 21st 9-12am Monthly Volunteer Day

Saturday August 18th  9-12am Monthly Volunteer Day  - Harvest

Saturday September 18th  9-12am Monthly Volunteer Day - Harvest

September  Date TBD- Fall Festival

Saturday October  20th 9-12am Monthly Volunteer Day – Close Garden

Carol 262-515-3308 call or text

Down to Earth Garden Volunteers

Group Activities for business or Schools: We are looking for groups that would be interested in volunteering at the community garden once during the season to help with ongoing maintenance. You could help with the annual planting in the Spring, learn how to maintain garden vegetables during mid Summer or help with the harvesting throughout the season and finally we have out fall garden cleanup. Call Carol @262-55-3308 or email downtoearthkenosha@gmail for more information.

Individuals are also welcome to come during the week and work solo.  Please fill out volunteer form with waiver and email/mail it to Down to Earth and we will followup with you.

Community Garden Volunteer Application.docx

Volunteer Group or Solo Opportunities:

-Planting, garden maintanence, harvesting and digging in the dirt!


-Weeding (of course)

-Working and planting the Sharing vegetable & herb garden

-Working with the fruit crop, fruit trees, grapevines, and perennial flower beds

-Watering flowers & veggies

-Bee Tending

-Building stuff

-Fencing maintanence and repair

-Jr Gardener Youth Program




Are you interested in volunteering at our garden or helping with our events?​

Down to Earth Community Gardens